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Ramsey — english tutor online via skype

Ramsey - english tutor online via skype I love teaching English language and helping students communicate in English, I have experience with a lot of students from different age groups and different shperes of life.

I love communicating with different people from all works of life and after years of travelling and meeting new people I’ve found out that people communicate best when they are relaxed and when they are talking about things that they are interested in. So I applied that into my teaching and received a lot of positive results from my student.


  • преподает: английский
  • курсы: общий, разговорный, бизнес, подготовка к ЕГЭ/ГИА.
  • стаж преподавания: 3 лет
  • образование: высшее
  • дополнительно: умеет общаться на русском языке